In Honor of Women

The Nouvelle Collection Des Vins Giannattasio” was born with the idea of pursuing a tribute for women. Strength, personality, elegance, austerity are just some of the aspects of the female universe that inspire this collection of wines. “The Nouvelle Collection Des Vins Giannattasio” is a style of organic wines, only from local vines, characterized by amplitude and completeness able to echo and emphasize at best the prevalent notes of the primary ingredients in the general realization of value and in the specific production of wines rich in structure and complexity.

Our History

Family, professionalism, determination, quality, passion, love:

elements that merge into a rare unicum.

I nuovi vigneti


Establishment of a new espalier system extended in the area of Torrequarto – Cerignola, in the countryside with the denomination DOC Red of Cerignola and on a territory of 10 hectares by the work of Giannattasio Giuseppe, and bred according to the discipline imposed by a valid biological regime.

Technology for quality


The current Biocantina Giannattasio is designed, a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and forefront functionality.

The first collection


The new collection of organic wines is introduced and presented in national and global contexts. The wines all feature Organic certificates by the Soil & Health Certification Body.

The first award


National Wine Competition of Rosé Wines of Italy 2014 - Nero di Troia Rosé 2013



Biocantina Giannattasio is now a reference point recognized for its sensitivity to biological crops and for the wine-making of local vines.

Growing Projects


Growth projects are not lacking and are always aiming to guarantee the same type of products and the highest quality of organic wine-making with improved working processes.

Biocantina Giannattasio

Soil, Family, Passion and Brotherhood. These are the hubs on which the project of Biocantina Giannattasio revolves around. Soil as in Origin, Earth as in Apulia . Family as bond, complicity and trust relationship. Passion as determination but also as a bridge for the future. An ambitious project where the departure is a process of revaluation of some family estates in Apulia, and the point of arrival is the creation of a cellar in a biological regimen that valorizes the excellent varieties of grape present on the territory with innovative and avant-garde production techniques that can guarantee an oenological quality level expressed in a new, elegant and sophisticated style.


Funambolo IGP Puglia

Organic dry white wine made with variety of Nero di Troia vine.
White in color, aromas of citrus fruits, delicate and natural. Flavors that recall notes of grapefruit, cedar and lemon. Orchid and hawthorn floral nuances enrich the bouquet. Complex wine, vibrant body and fresh and dynamic acidity with a rich mineral background.

Nero di Troia Rosè IGP Puglia

Soft pink color with violet orchid veils. Elegant olfactory bouquet, floral violer and rosé notes with a raspberry touch. Fragrant, delicate and with a sapid body. Nuance of Mediterranean scrub with hints of wild rosemary, juniper and roots of licorice. Medium body but vibrating with sapid finish, mineral and extremely elegant.


Il team

Crediamo che valorizzare la terra sia la strada per il futuro

Giuseppe Giannattasio

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Maria Elena Giannattasio

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MariaGrazia Giannattasio

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